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query oprationCoosal's owns and operates its own blue-limestone quarry located in the Maracas Valley in the Northern Range. The main quarry is situated close to the old Spanish capital city of St. Joseph. Apart from being the largest privately owned limestone quarry in Trinidad and Tobago, it has also been described as the best developed quarry in the nation having won a number of awards for such.

It is currently equipped with two large crushers boasting a combined production capacity in excess of three thousand (3000) tonnes per day of varied limestone products.

We currently supply limestone products to both the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the private sector. These same aggregates are used in the production of both hot and cold mixes for our paving division and for general works in our civil engineering division. In the past, we have also exported substantial quantities of our high-quality quarry products to various countries throughout the region e.g. Guyana, Suriname, St. Lucia and St. Vincent.

Recent evaluations have revealed that at current extraction and production rates, an estimated one-half of our reserves, should last for at least the next one hundred (100) years.

The raw material extracted from the quarries are either further processed or sold raw as the following products:

  • Aggregates - For use in readymix concrete and asphalt design mixes, base and subbase works, construction and maintenance, manufacture of concrete blocks and pavers and also for the production of steel.
  • Stone Dust - Used in the production of concrete blocks and as a filler in asphalt and concrete mortars.
  • Crusher Run - Used as a base and sub-base material for road construction material.
  • Natural Decorative Tiles - for walls, stairways and patios etc.
  • High Quality Terrazzo Chips - used in laying concrete floors and in the manufacture of concrete tiles.
  • Facing Stone - Used for decorating walls and floors in residential and commercial buildings.

quarry-op2In order to be able to meet the growing local demand for hard limestone aggregate we recently undertook an upgrading exercise which succeeded in significantly boosting our quarry throughput and consequently increased our stockpiling capacity by roughly 250%.

With technical assistance from the Trinidad and Tobago based Caribbean Industrial Research Institute,(CARIRI), and the Brussels based European Union Centre for Development of Industry, the Company undertook studies to determine the potential of using its limestone reserves to produce higher value added products.

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